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KCAP: Craft Beer Crown Cap with inner pressure control valve



Most of the complex craft beers have a long evolution period in bottle and often the beer carbonation grows in an unexpected way expecially when the brewers make something more creative than the classic blonde ale. Brett, Fruits, lactics, wild yeasts, experiments and immagination are our playground. KCAP helps our fermented dreams to succeed.

KCAP, in short

Natural Beer evolution, Aging, Storage, New Beer Styles and when needed also respect of laws about CO2 in liquids, shelf life improvement: everything in one 100% standard sized crown cap, suitable for all the common bottling machines.

Crown Caps with the KCAP patented system allow to decide your beers carbonation level in advance, with precision. Early bottling, fermentation peaks, creativity and high temperatures won’t stop your party

Read How it Works (anche in italiano)


Crown cap with standard dimensions, equiped with a mini mechanical valve studied to control the inner pressure inside a beer bottle and two liquidproof, permeable to C02 membranes.

Externally the cap is exactly alike the common crown cap. It includes one spring valve and two membranes without exceeding the average cap’s thickness.

Caps are available in many versions, with different pressure limits, according to the different styles of beer and pressure value needs.

Compatible with the most common capping machines.

Advantages given by KCAP

Control your bottles inner pressure and release the surplus when they’re on vertical position. When they’re in horizontal position they stay sealed and won’t loose any liquid.

When stocked on horizontal position, the bottle isn’t releasing excessive C02 but as soon as they return on the vertical position, the valve immediately returns active and releases the redundand pressure before the bottle gets opened, allowing always an optimal carbonation at the serving time.

Your customers won’t see any difference. Just a tiny hole on the top.


Long life, better life! Increase your craft beers shelf-life, even in difficult places like warmer beer shops, restaurants and bars. Goodbye gushing!

Always good to drink, fitting the styles! Your english ales bottle won’t be overcarbonated, for example. Your belgian ales will be at the right foam and carbonation point, your very-strange-yeast new fruit beer will be stable, also after one year in bottle. Every Beer will have always their right carbonation.

Cellar Layout improved! Reduce the idle days in brite tanks and optimize your warehouse layout trough less tank-tied times. You can refine your beers directly in bottle.

Alchemy! These caps allows more ways to produce, experiment and play with fermentations. No Beer Bombz 😀

Law compliance: this device allows the punctual respect of the beverage C02 level in the countries that have this kind of regulatory, such the USA.


These are some of the breweries that have been made available to KCAP cap pre-release development tests.
Thank you guys!

How does it work? What size is it? Can it be used with common bottlers? .. And if the bottle is horizontal, will it spray beer?

Davide Franzosi of Birrificio Montegioco, creator of the cap and co-owner of the patent, describes the project

It’s in italian. We’re workin on the subtitles 😀  

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