KCAP v 1.1  – Apr 2022 – Pmax 2.5 bar 29mm crown cap

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Overall tech details

Type of crown cap: 29mm standard
Width: 29mm standard
Height (cap thickness): 5 mm
The valve system size doesn’t overflow the crown’s height.
PMAX deflating pressure: 2.7 bar +/- 15% tolerance
Alc Vol Max: 15%

Assembly elements

Valve: Multi-element valve composed of food and beverage safe plastic polymers designed in 3 main elements plus an O-Ring.

Bidule : in food-polymer with semipermeable integrated membrane.

Semipermeable membrane:
1 Thickness 100-180 um
2 Flow Time 80-140 (MeOH) sec
3 Bubble Point 107.9-152.0 (EtOH), kPa

Material: Polyetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)

Compliant with regulations:

☒BSE/TSE, 2003/32/CE directives
☒Reach 1907/2006/CE (hazardous substances regulation)
☒Conflict minerals


Naturally hydrophobic. Compatible with acids and aggressive solutions, stable and time-durable.


Storage of the bottles capped with KCAP
For KCAP to function correctly, bottles must be stored vertically.

Even when the beverage is in contact with the valve, the excess pressure flows escapes due to the semipermeable membrane which blocks the liquid but allows the gas expulsion.

The one-directionality of the flow is guaranteed by the mechanical system integrated in the Bidule.

Bottling instructions

Automatic bottling machine
Assemble the caps manually
Insert the KCAPS in the bottling machine cap container and bottle normally
If you encounter issues with the full automatic mode, only insert the crown caps in the bottling machine and cap the bottles manually with the plastic valve.

Please report any issues to us for further improvements.

Manual capping.
Cap the bottles as usual.

Shelf life

5 years of guaranteed valve functionality in normal storage conditions. Storing at room temperature, avoiding direct sunlight.

Weight 0,2 kg

60, 120, 300, 600, 1200


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